Yoobin is really charismatic on stage, I once saw her eyes while performing and it really surprised me. — Hyerim
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All the fans who we love that always cheer for us wherever we go and who give us strength… You know that from being with all of you, we shine more and get more strength, right?— Sunye to Wonderful

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We love meeting with SNSD. We trade CDs and our friendship just continues to grow. — Yeeun

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There are a lot of people who cheered us on and helped us come to where we are now. Ever since then, we haven’t looked back; we just ran straight. — Sunye

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xiuzio ;
omg im so glad i found this blog! i really love it, its so cute!! it brought a smile to my face thank you! your edits are really nice

Thank you very much! ^^ I’m glad you enjoy the blog~ :D

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Thank you… for always being behind us, cheering, and forever being ‘Wonderful’ with us!  Sohee to Wonderful

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I hope that while listening to our songs you can become a Wonderful who always gives when you are happy and can cry why you are sad… Thank you so much. I love you Wonderful. Always be with us!! Aja aja ♥ — Sunye to Wonderful

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If we didn’t have our Wonderfuls we couldn’t have done anything at all. For always being next to us, loving us, protecting us, laughing with us and crying with us - thank you. For not being able to make you laugh more, for making you hurt, I am sorry. Hoever, from the day I first saw you, even now, to whenever… I love you… — Yeeun to Wonderful

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I may have not expressed it to you all that well, but I’m so thankful that we met and are together today, thank you so much. I love you. — Sunye to Yoobin

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We’ll probably never enjoy the same level of success as back then, but I don’t believe we lost anything and I don’t regret moving to the U.S.— Yeeun

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